The Institute of Tequila Studies is widely recognized as the leading authority on the science of tequila production, Tequilana Weber Blue agave horticulture, the science of fermented agave distillation, and the history and culture of tequila.


Post-graduate Programs

 Please see our Opportunities section for a list of internship and fellowship programs.


Educator Workshops

The ITS Educator Workshops are designed to provide instructors with new insights into creating and implementing more engaging and stimulating lesson plans for graduate tequila-related course work. Each day-long sessions focuses on connecting historical research and scientific concepts with practical uses both in the classroom and in the world around us. Register Now!

Each workshop is $75. The price also includes educator materials, a catered lunch and free admission to The ITS Museum tasting room.

Online Exhibitions

We offer a rotating series of Exhibitions based on the work of our full-time research staff and fellowship recipients. Our current exhibit is about the Legend and History of the Sparkle Donkey (

Lecture Series

Monthly lectures by some of the foremost experts on tequila are held on Saturdays and are free to the public. We welcome students of all ages and abilities. Keep an eye on the lecture schedule because it changes often. Students should inquire about graduate and post-graduate level workshops that may be accepted for university credit. Educators wishing to further their knowledge for coursework should pick up a copy of “The Complete Guide to Tequila Education” at the Gift Shop or Information Desk. This guidebook is free to students and educators.

Our latest series incorporates dynamic and memorable stories of mankind’s relationship with tequila. The Lecture Series has grown and now presents approximately 35 lectures each year designed to enlighten and engage curious minds with thought-provoking topics and meaningful dialogue about tequila and tequila culture.

Unless noted, Lecture Series events are held in the Main Lobby of the Museum on Saturday. Lectures begin at 1:00 P.M. and doors open at 12:15 P.M. Each lecture features a presentation by the author, a Q&A with the audience, book signing, and a light reception.

Oak Barrel Society member may make a reservation by calling the Lectures Hotline or emailing Reservations are not required, but encouraged. General Admission seating is available for non-Members.

Author’s books are sold in the Museum Shop and will be available the evening of the lecture. For more information, please call the Museum Shop.

Tequila Speakers Bureau

Looking for a program for your tequila aficionado group? The Speakers Bureau at The Institute of Tequila Studies is composed of experienced volunteers and professionals. They will bring to your venue the vastness, importance and energy of the history, culture, and science of tequila.

Presentations will be approximately 40 minutes long. Presenters will supply laptop & projector unless these items are available at the site of presentation.

There is no charge for this community service. However, donations are gratefully accepted and go to the support of our educational mission. A fee may be accessed to cover travel costs.

Presentation Topics:

  • Tequila Production Science: Cultivation, Harvest, Fermentation, and Distillation
  • Tequila Tasting: From Blanco/Silvers to Extra Añejo – how to enjoy tequila on any occasion
  • Taking Full Advantage of The ITS Museum: Public resources at your fingertips
  • Photography & Art of Tequila
  • A Brief History of Tequila
  • Legends: What’s myth and what’s not? Delving into the truth of legends like “El Burro Esparkalo (The Sparkle Donkey)

Requesting a presentation: While every effort will be made to accommodate your request, presentation schedules depend upon the availability of the presenter. At least two weeks notice is encouraged.

Have a question about a specific topic? Need a customized presentation? Fill out a Speakers Bureau presentation request form or contact us at for more information.